Our Services

In-shell pecans come in many different shapes and sizes, all with varying quality. Therefore, buying from a reliable supplier is extremely important. Reputable and experienced, Easterlin Pecan Company provides step-by-step services during the purchasing process to ensure buyer satisfaction. As a part of the process, the company has a representative involved in each step, evaluating the current crop/market and keeping our suppliers and customers informed of the outlook moving forward, thorough sampling of the new crop, evaluating quality and ensuring the best pricing for all parties, any logistical needs (ie. re-bagging product, loading trucks, shipping the product overseas or domestically), thorough documentation and bookkeeping; ensuring thoroughness throughout the purchase. Easterlin Pecan Company relies on its conscientious employees, product knowledge, logistical expertise, and industry experience to make the transaction as smooth as possible for both buyers and sellers of in-shell pecans. Easterlin Pecan is determined to be a reliable resource in the Pecan Industry before, during, and after the sale!